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How to buy Revisor VMS software

To buy Revisor VMS software please use our wizard on this page. Payment procedure will be proceeded through PayPal. You will receive a license by e-mail within one business day after payment is received on our side.

The software price is determined by the number of channels. Channel - is an ability to connect a single camera. Note that Revisor VMS Standard allows you to build a system with up to 30 cameras. For larger systems Revisor VMS Professional is required.


Edition Channel price Channel count Price (edition)
25 25

Revisor VMS Standard

Revisor VMS Standard Edition - a basic Revisor VMS edition, suitable for small and medium-sized video surveillance systems.


Channel price: 25 USD

The number of cameras on a single server: up to 30

The number of servers in the system 1

The number of cameras in the system: 30

Free modules: interactive archive search, audio stream processing, PTZ control module

Advanced modules: not supported

Advanced modules

Module Channel price Channel count Price (modules)

Total: 25 $